Thursday, May 11, 2006

I lept off this building

Hey hey...a new release from Like a Stuntman hits the streets...on Highpoint Lowlife:

Like a Stuntman - Stan Places REMOVED

It's a short release, 6 songs, but worth it. "Stan Places" (the CD) is a bit more relaxed and less cold than "Fresh Air is Not the Worst Thing in Town," a small change in direction for them. Wow...cold can have such negative connotations...but that's not what I'm implying. I'm trying to imply that sort of German aesthetic, that Kraftwerk-like sound. "Stan Places" sounds like the album they created in their bedroom..."Fresh Air is Not the Worst Thing in Town" is the album they created in the gym.

And some bonus tracks, remixes from their last album (highly recomended):

Like A Stuntman - Making Competition Out Of Everything (Fisk Industries mix)

Like A Stuntman - They're Yellow And So Are Mine (randomNumber's Frontside Cab Mix)

Two more tracks available over at Highpoint Lowlife, from the web-only release, "Like a Remix." Click!


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