Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Don't sit down

Richard Bitch. With a name like that, you can't go wrong, can you? Straight ahead, don't hold on. Check this out:

Richard Bitch - Psionic Railway 2 Mars

We need more of this, don't we? Ken, Dave, Tracy and John have a new album in the works but the problem I see is topping the title of their first, "The Really Really Jeff Hair People." What could they possibly come up with that'll be any better than that?

So who are they? Where do they come from? Why do they do what they do?

I've got all the answers. And more. Tracy and John agreed to play verbal twistor with some annoying questions for me. And here you are:

1) What is your first musical memory?

John: Driving around with my mom in her Nova in the summer with the AC on going to art class, listening to AM Radio - songs like "Seasons In The Sun" and "Alone Again Naturally."

Tracy: Leafing through album covers stored in my parents‚ hi-fi. I don't remember them ever actually using the hi-fi, but they had a ton of albums.

2) What was the first album/CD/tape that you remember purchasing? The last?

John: I bought my first album ever when I paid my neighbor a dollar for his bongwater-damaged copy of Boston's first album. The last album that I bought was actually Boston's first album, on vinyl, from Amoeba last week. I still love it.

Tracy: My first album was Best of Blondie. Actually, that's not true. My first album was Chipmunk Punk. Alvin, Simon and Theodore sang punk rock covers and my parents would yell at me to turn it down. Then came Blondie.

3) Has there been anything lately in your life that unexpectedly struck you as beautiful?

John: Getting beat up when I was 12 years old. I lost the fight, my head hurt real bad, but when it was all over my friends still loved me anyways.

Tracy: I love to travel and just being surrounded by foreign culture is extremely beautiful to me. I'm a cultural voyeur.

4) Of all of the things that you own, what is the one material thing you couldn't do without?

John: My Œ69 Marshall Super Lead 100 amplifier.

Tracy: Anything that friends or family have made for me. Those special gifts are irreplaceable and so meaningful.

5) If you could go back and change one decision that you made in the past, what would it be and why?

John: I wouldn't have slept with a certain girl, cuz then my band would have stayed together.

Tracy: I would have gone to prom with the first guy I said yes to instead of the second.

Richard Bitch - Jacques Cousteau

6) What's your favorite part of the music making process?

John: If you mean recording, I like doing overdubs and mixing most of all. Otherwise, definitely playing live with THE RAWK POSSE is the best.

Tracy: Performing something for the first time on stage that I've had to struggle to learn how to play.

7) What's your best musical memory?

John: It was last week at a sloppy-crazy show when our bass player Tracy in her naughty tank top and black wig presided over a drunken mosh pit while I ripped off a monster solo.

Tracy: Probably when John invited me to be in the band. Before that I'd only ever been in "band," not "a band!"

8) What's the most frightening thing that's ever happened to you?

John: When my sixth grade girlfriend broke up with me.

Tracy: Having a massive panic attack alone on BART. I was headed to Hayward, so who can blame me?

9) What's your favorite television show, film or book?

John: I'm totally ga-ga over Haruki Murakami's freaked-out surreal novels right now. The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle is fabulous. Right now I'm reading Hard-Boiled Wonderland At The End Of The World and it rips.

Tracy: Favorite book: Naked by David Sedaris. Favorite movie: The Jerk. Favorite show: The Amazing Race.

10) How old is your oldest piece of clothing?

John: It's about 40 years old, I'd guess. I'm talking about the bitchin early 60s dark blue suit I
inherited from my grandfather. He lived in Hollywood and he was a model for a while. He wore this thing in a TV commercial for Chevrolet. It's all slim and
James Bond and shit, and it fits me perfectly.

Tracy: Right now I'm wearing underwear that is barely attached to the waistband anymore. But my oldest piece of clothing is probably my Dead Milkmen T-shirt from a concert I went to in the 8th grade (1988).

11) What instrument strikes you as being capable of producing the most beautiful sound?

John: Steel-string acoustic guitar.

Tracy: The bassoon. I played for one glorious year back in the day. So haunting and complex.

Richard Bitch - This Bastard Year

So run right over and grab the rest of the songs available over at their site. How can you resist?


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