Monday, March 14, 2005

Wanna come to my house and change the locks?

You all know who Joe Strummer is, there's nothing I could say that hasn't been said by someone better and brighter than I won't even bother trying, really. If you don't know, well, go buy some Clash records and educate yourself.

Anyway, back in 1988 Joe Strummer & the Latino Rockabilly War recorded some songs for the little seen move, "Permanent Record." I didn't see the movie myself (I did say it was little seen, didn't I?), but picked up the album a few years later for almost nothing...wait, the sticker is still on it, $1.85. So, there you go.

It's not Joe's best work, there are only four of his songs on it, but as usual, there's something there that only Joe could bring to a song, a rawness and passion to his voice that never lets you forget the importance of what he'd did with the Clash. Trash City is the strongest of the four, and there are some moments when it almost becomes great, if they had just brought a bit more of the percussion and piano into it, it might've gone all the way.

Joe Strummer & the Latino Rockabilly War - Trash City REMOVED
Joe Strummer & the Latino Rockabilly War - Nothin' Bout Nothin' REMOVED


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