Monday, February 07, 2005

I feel the numbness dragging, slow but far

Fiat Lux were one of those bands that almost made it...but not quite. They had a minor hit in the U.K. with their song "Secrets," and released a series of singles and e.p.s as well as various appearances on compilations but never managed to release a full length album. And it's really unfortunate, too. They've managed to stay within my lexicon of favorite bands throughout the years.

Fiat Lux was formed in 1982 in Yorkshire by Steve Wright, David Crickmore and Ian Nelson. And yes, that's Nelson as in Bill. And, I guess, having Bill Nelson as your brother is a bit of a help, as their first single was released on his label, as well as few of their other releases.

They broke up in 1985. Unfortunately, I don't know why. If anyone does, I'd love to hear the story. I've got this laserdisc release of their's that's pretty insane and soooo very typical of the time period. It's a combination of "music videos" and live performances that's, well, almost comical in its seriousness. Plus it's all shot on video so it has this very strange, home-made feel. If I remember correctly, it also involves mimes and clowns.

Ian, after they broke up, went on to briefly appear in a number of different bands, including Colourfield (Terry Hall) and BeBop Delux and is still out their making music. He's currently involved with a band called Moonstone.

From a Bill Nelson site:

(Ian Nelson)... did session work with The Colourfield on their 1985 Virgins and Philistines album. Was to be a member of a new version of Be Bop Deluxe in 1990 but the project never got off the ground. A few months ago Ian signed on full-time with Moonstone, and is plays with them. He is also a member of The Lost Satellites that performed at the Nelsonica 02 and 03 events. Still teaches college.

David went on to join a few other bands and is currently playing in the Durbervilles. From Hired History:
David has also continued to produce other artists, and with Mark & Lee of The Durbervilles, runs Anne Frank Studios. Recent output includes CDs from Ramon, Batinka and Shawn Hunter, all on SPLID records. David is not married, but instead eats small quantities of cheese and drinks straight Baileys on special occasions.

Steve (vocals) got out of the music business altogether and is apparently a freelance director.

These two tracks make up their first single. It's a little rougher than their later releases, but it's still pretty solid. It's definately a product of its times, and you can feel Bill Nelson breathing over their shoulders as you listen. The recording on this single has always felt a bit tinny to my ears, their later releases being a bit more lush and full. I'll post some more music by them in the future.

Fiat Lux - It Feels Like Winter Again - REMOVED
Fiat Lux - What is This Illness - REMOVED

Please be sure to check out this web site, Hired History, for the whole scoop on the band. This guy's done his homework. It's also where I got the image above.

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Blogger Johnny Jazz said...

Sadly, Ian Nelson died recently. I, and a lot of other 'Nelsonians' where greatly saddened by this. Ian was very special, not just a great musician, but a great guy.

5:14 PM  
Blogger guanoboy said...

Yeah, I read that and just mentioned it. A sad day indeed.

6:26 PM  

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