Thursday, February 03, 2005

I'm a jet fighter, man, in the daytime!

Egads...the pressure is building up. You know it's bad when you start to feel obligated to do this. Why? Because work is piling up into huge stinking masses of time-sucking, um, things! Yikes.

So, without further ado and redo and kiddo, here is one of the best power-pop, paisley-mod bands ever, the Three O'Clock! I bet you didn't know there was more than one, eh? The Three O'clock were Michael Quercio, Greg Gutierrez, Mike Mariano and Danny Benair, although there were some others that floated in and out. They released four albums between 1983 and 1988 when they disbanded. Michael went on to join Game Theory and later, the Jupiter Affect, who are still making music. Greg (Louis) Gutierrez went on to form Mary's Danish and Jason Falkner, another later member, formed Jellyfish.

There's a great history of the band here. Oh, the amount of bands Rodney Bingenheimer affected back in those days...

Jet Fighter is one of those perfect pop gems...the music shimmers and glows with happiness and idealism. Bask in the glow that is the Three O'Clock.

The Three O'Clock - Jet Fighter REMOVED
The Three O'Clock - Sorry REMOVED

Woops....almost's an Amazon link for their available CDs.


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