Friday, February 04, 2005

His heart was beating in his chest that day

I don't know if you know who Joe Sorren is. If you don't, you should check him out. He's an AMAZING artist. One of my favorites. He takes the world and turns it upside down.

Well, it turns out Joe is also a musician. He's in a band called Sparkleface with Lyle and Stephen. Lyle, it seems is the ringleader, and a darn good artist as well.

Part of what makes their site kinda cool is that they share the process with you, with early versions of songs. It also seems that they change things out regularly, including a song of the month.

So go check out the Sparkleface site, and enjoy their music. There's more available at their site.

Lyle and Sparkleface - Henry's Song (work in progress)
Lyle and Sparkleface - Tsunami (February Song)


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