Tuesday, January 25, 2005

jUS+ pOP AnD Pl4y al0N9 tH3 w4Y

Dealership have a bit of a new sound developing...it seems that Jane is playing a bit more keyboard than before and it's having a great effect on their music....there are bits of Stereolab, Call and Response and Yo La Tengo in there. Perhaps I should add some Ladytron as well with a dash of +/-.
Check out their music video by Bubble & Squeak as well as this article over at SFWeekly.

Dealership - Forest
Dealership - Pure of Heart
and this little bonus:
Dealership - In The Car
And, well, how can you pass this up?
Dealership - Major Tom

There are quite a few more mp3s up at their site, don't hesitate to visit.

You can order their older CDs over at keiki records. Their newer release is over at Amazon.


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