Monday, January 24, 2005

To do these things you don't have to pay

Quando Quango where another early factory band, one that I never fully got into. There are a lot of interesting elements in their music, and Johnny Marr (Smiths) and Simon Topping (ACR) were involved with the band. They released one full-length lp around 1985, but their real success came from their 12" releases, their infectious grooves managed to earn them repeat plays at many clubs, especially in the U.K. If you're interested, you should check out these two write-ups, including a great one by Hellegonda Rietveld. Here's a brief quote from that article:

Additional collaborations were not only a source of creative fun, but also quite an honour. New Order's Bernard Sumner was a major influence, not least for advising me to buy that Roland 808 drumbox way back in 1982 and who, with Donald Johnson (aka DoJo) put his stamp on earlier productions (See: Cool As Ice: The Be Music Productions CD). Studio encounters with an extended musical family were plentiful, for example, Johnny Marr (The Smiths), Vini Reilly (Durrutti Column) and Andy Connell (ACR and Swing Out Sister). Beverly McDonald (52nd Street's first diva) added her sweet singing voice to album track This Feeling. Then there were the psychedelic Hacienda based hairdressers who cheered us up, especially on Genius. And, of course, big Mark Kamins first remixed Love Tempo and Atom Rock and then produced our album, recording it in Manchester and taking it to Arthur Baker's studio in New York for post-production.

So check out these two tunes, both taken from The Factory Story CD collection, a VERY rare find nowadays. You can, however, still get their full length CD, Pigs & Battleships.

Quando Quango - Tingle (1982) REMOVED
Quando Quango - Genius (1985) REMOVED


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