Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Happy Everyday!

Reflector is Tian Jianhua (or Jian), bass/vocals, Li Peng, guitar/vocals, Ye Jingying, drums/vocals. They formed back in 1997, although I believe there were some line-up changes in there along the way. They're one of the original Chinese Punk bands, and their sound harkens back to a day long gone. I think it has more to do with their attitude of just having fun than anything else, but what do I know?

A recent show got a bit exciting...here's a quote from TWBLOG:

A day later during the third performance, Fire E.X.'s drummer accidentally broke the crash cymbal. The drum set belonged to the Beijing Rejects band, Kill Tomorrow. The Beijing Rejects immediately rushed the stage and pulled the plug on Fire E.X.'s set. When Fire E.X. didn't cough up money for the broken cymbal, the group confronted fellow Beijinger Tian Jian, who got caught in the middle. "I just wanted them to leave, so I paid them out of the door money," he explained. But Tian Jian mistakenly used the club owner's share of the ticket sales. A day later he called the Rejects' leader and asked him to return the money. When Lei Jun refused, the club owner sent a gangster after him and his band to negotiate.

and later....

About a song and a half into Reflector's set at the club Wu Ming Gao Di early on January 1, a mob of skinheads and punks descended on the stage. "They smashed a bottle over Reflector guitarist Li Peng's head," said Tian Jian. "His face was covered in blood." As three skins jumped on Tian Jian, the club manager intervened, wielding a machete. Just then, Li Peng got up from the floor and brought down Kill Tomorrow's singer with a broken beer bottle to the head.

Be sure to check out the whole story.

Anyway, here are the tunes:

Reflector - Return My Skyblue
Reflector - No. 2 New Song

Beware, the download speeds on these are pretty slow.

You can also find a couple of songs over at PureVolume.


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