Saturday, January 08, 2005

In Camera

Just a REAL quick post for Erik, here's a link to one (sorry!) In Camera song, this is a link to the Teenbeat site. If you like it, the CD is on sale right now over at their site for $10. This is a re-release of In Camera's stuff, originally recorded in 1979-1982 plus some new stuff recorded in 1991. One of the members of In Camera, Andrew Gray, went on to form Wolfgang Press, along with members of Rema Rema (who, besides Wolfgang Press, went on to be involved with Adam and the Ants and Renegade Soundwave). But that's another post entirely and I'm out of time...

from the Teenbeat site:
One of the first bands to be on the iconic 4AD label. Born in London during the summer of 1978, they played a similar brand of post-punk not too dis-similar to Public Image Ltd., Joy Division, Section 25. Andrew Gray went on to form The Wolfgang Press, another 4AD band.

In Camera - Fragments of Fear


Blogger erik said...

Thanks for the post. It sounds much like I would envision Wire to sounds like if they did not break up for a while. Fills the punk to what ever they call that ideal copy sound. I like the idea copy side more than the famed punk stuff however.

9:46 PM  
Blogger guanoboy said...

Yeah, In Camera are one of those bands I like in concept more than I can actually listen to them...There are a couple of really strong tracks on the CD, though, and that always manages to make it last through any shedding of unlistened to music when I go through a selling spree.

I'd recommend it, though...especially if you're a 4AD fan.

8:17 PM  
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