Tuesday, June 26, 2007

and one big electrical shock

65 Days of Static have been "hand-picked" by the Cure to open for them in their upcoming North American tour. Are the Cure still relevant?

Does it matter?

65 Days of Static pull out all the tricks...math rock...post punk...it's all here, kids.

65 Days of Static - When We Were Younger and Better

65 Days of Static - Don't Go Down To Sorrow

And they do it all so well.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Vels just won't go away

Here's Alice Cohen circa 1984...

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Crickets for Lunch

Been meaning to share this song by J. DiMenna with you, a nicely produced song of mellow sweetness:

J. DiMenna - A Lizard's Tongue

Unfortunately, as is the usual around here lately, not much time to chat.

Behind curtain number one...

A recent email prompted me into looking back at one of my old posts about the Vels and led to a small bit of discovery.

Yup. that's Alice Cohen, the lead singer of the Vels, Die Monster Die and Shag Motor Pony. Nice to see her singing again. Follow the dotted lines to wwwhatsup for lots of other artists performing...some interesting stuff there, including Kyp Malone (TV on the Radio).

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Jona's leaving the Blow...which bums me out because they make beautiful music together. But you can't really blame him, the guy's been really busy...touring with LCD Soundsystem and an upcoming tour with Architecture in Helsinki and then on to Europe. It's totally understandable. But still, I'm bummed.

YACHT - The Summer Song (feat. Claire L. Evans)

YACHT - It's Coming To Get You (Eats Tapes Remix)

That's enough justification, isn't it?

Team Yacht!

Beach Boys in the blood

You've got to wait until 2008 for the album, but here's a taste:

The Explorer's Club - Last Kiss

What does it all mean? Check The Explorer's Club myspace page for details. There's an EP in the works for a bit later this year. Let's hope the album spreads its wings and produces more than just Beach Boys influenced pop. It could be very sweet indeed.

I can see an oasis ahead

Turns out Mojave 3 may never release another album, at least according to their drummer, Ian McCutcheon. But it's not all bad. His new band, The Loose Salute, is releasing an album on June 12th on Graveface Records. And I like it.

The Loose Salute - The Mutineer

Sounds like these guys have been camping next to the Beachwood Sparks. But we all know they borrowed their tent from the Byrds.

The Loose Salute - Turn the Radio Up

Visit them over at Myspace as well.

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