Sunday, February 18, 2007

Can't see the tree out the back window

Here's a track from Odawas' new release, "Raven and the White Night." Hits the stores on March 6th on Jagjaguwar.

Odawas - Alleluia

Nice mellow sound...fitting for this overcast Sunday. Here's the full track list of the album:

1. The Maddening of Raven
2. When God Was a Wicked Kid
3. Getting To Another Plane
4. Alleluia
5. Love Is...(The Only Weapon With Which I Got To Fight)
6. Circus Song
7. Beware
8. Barnacles and Rustic Debris
9. The Ice

You can stream the whole thing over here.


Heard about the upcoming Leonard Cohen re-releases? They sound promising. Here's the list:

Songs Of Leonard Cohen
1. Suzanne • 2. Master Song • 3. Winter Lady • 4. The Stranger Song • 5. Sisters of Mercy • 6. So Long, Marianne • 7. Hey, That’s No Way to Say Goodbye • 8. Stories of the Street • 9. Teachers • 10. One of Us Cannot Be Wrong • Previously unreleased bonus tracks: 11. Store Room • 12. Blessed Is the Memory. (Tracks 1-10 produced by John Simon; tracks 11-12 recorded 1967, outtakes from the early sessions for Songs of Leonard Cohen, produced by John Hammond.)

Songs From A Room
1. Bird on the Wire • 2. Story of Isaac • 3. A Bunch of Lonesome Heroes • 4. The Partisan • 5. Seems So Long Ago, Nancy • 6. The Old Revolution • 7. The Butcher • 8. You Know Who I Am • 9. Lady Midnight • 10. Tonight Will Be Fine • Previously unreleased bonus tracks: 11. Like a Bird (earlier version of Bird on the Wire) • 12. Nothing to One (earlier version of You Know Who I Am). (Tracks 1-10 produced by Bob Johnston; tracks 11-12 recorded May 1968, produced by David Crosby.)

Songs Of Love And Hate
1. Avalanche • 2. Last Year’s Man • 3. Dress Rehearsal Rag • 4. Diamonds in the Mine • 5. Love Calls You by Your Name • 6. Famous Blue Raincoat • 7. Sing Another Song, Boys • 8. Joan of Arc • Previously unreleased bonus track: 9. Dress Rehearsal Rag (early version). (Produced by Bob Johnston; track 9 outtake recorded during the sessions for Songs from a Room.)

Street date isn't until April, got a ways to wait, but it looks like they're finally getting the treatment they deserve.

Sac Bee did what?

The Sacramento Bee (login may be required) online has started a new feature and the first post is pretty good...every Sunday they're going to highlight a local band and post a track as well. Check out Ricky Berger, she's only 19 and she's managed to carve out a pretty nice sound. I was pleasantly surprised.

Ricky Berger - What's Your Name

She's only started playing locally last year and an album is coming out soon. Check out her My Space page as well for some additional tunes

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Get Scared!

Got an email from the keyboardist of the Shredding Tears, Bryan Scary's band, with a request to check out their sound. I did. I like.

Bryan Scary - The Blood Club

Nice sound...reflections of the past are strong here...and the overall production is nice and clean.

Bryan Scary - The Ceiling on the Wall

Remnants of so many sounds, and, dare I say it, there are moments when they remind me of Of Montreal. But that's a reflection of the influences they share. It's always hard for me to knock a band that cites the sounds of ELO, the Beatles and Queen and manages to pull it off.

New album comes out on February 20th. Check it out.

Schla La Las

Nice video for the Schla La a soft spot in my heart for legos, check it out. Good song too.

Schla La Las - 1, 2, 3, 4 (quicktime video)

Nice making of page, as well.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

too much

I've got over 1500 CD's...and they're starting to dominate my house. I've been looking for alternative ways to store them, and like the idea of taking them out of their jewel cases, But I have not been able to find any storage units that store the booklet AND the back cover art (which is larger). Anyone have any ideas?

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Shack Up!

My Mean Magpie's got a great post on A Certain Ratio's song, "Shack Up." One of my all time favorites. Check it out.

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