Friday, July 21, 2006

5 feet high and rising

The backlog here is immense...see what happens when you go on vacation?

First off, Musical Family Tree have a big release...a collection of 19 songs representing the full spectrum of their family. Some Gorgeous stuff on this disc, including this one by Marin Green (of Sardina fame):

Martin Green - Beer Alley REMOVED

Check out those tasty! I haven't had a chance to listen to any of his work with Sardina, yet...looking forward to that.

Musical Family Tree is well worth checking out...lots of downloads there, with some great tracks throughout. Although I'm not the biggest fan of their name, Margot and The Nucleur So and So's have a strong sound as well. The amount of music they have available for free is staggering...

This CD is a compilation of unreleased and new songs, so there are some real gems on there. Buy it! It'll be available on iTunes and the Musical Family Tree (hey! it's already available there) website.

You can also peruse their video playlist over at YouTube to get a good sampling of their music.

Here's the tracklist for the CD, released on 7/24/06:

1. Margot and the Nuclear So and Sos- "Waking Up and Walking Out" (Artemis)
2. Mysteries of Life- "Stop Thinking" (Affirmation Records)
3. John Strohm- "Rise and Shine"
4. Vess Ruhtenberg- "Is It Good?"
5. Marty Green- "Beer Alley"
6. Tim Jones- "Lord I Really Need You Now"
7. Heidi Gluck- "Wake Up"
8. Hands Down Eugene- "Slow Down"
9. Emperor Penguin- "Overboogie"
10. Brando- "Your Nelson Now"
11. BIGBIGcar- "Peace Attack!" (Standard Records)
12. Marmoset- "Treat A Boy" (Secretly Canadian)
13. Resting Rooster- "Don't Cry"
14. More Animals Of The Arctic- "Tom's Death" (Standard Records)
15. Gentleman Caller- "The Other Shoe" (Affirmation Records)
16. Winechuggers- "Summer Dresses" (Arena Rock Recording Company)
17. The Saturday Nights- "Ghosts"
18. Everything, NOW!- "Go Car Go" (Standard Records)
19. Silver State- "Cross Country"

I'll be back soon...I've got a review of some new re-releases from the Jesus and Mary Chain and a rare track from them as well...


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