Saturday, July 22, 2006

Jesus Chrysler Drove a Dodge

Sometimes i wish Rhino would just stop with the re-releases already...they're doing too good of a job...I can't keep.

The latest is a group from the Jesus & Mary Chain. Again, I was fortunate to receive some complimentary copies of two of the new discs, Psychocandy and Darklands. They've also re-released Honey's Dead, Automatic and Stoned and Dethroned.

All the discs are dual-sided, one being the CD and the other being a DVD. The beauty here is that the DVD side includes the album at an 96khz/24bit dolby stereo, making the sound quality better than it's ever been. I can't say enough about this, it's really a treat to have these at this high of quality, especially when listening on a decent pair of headphones. Also included on the DVD side are music videos from the album, which, although their videos aren't the most exciting things in the world, is a nice bonus.

Jesus & Mary Chain - Just Like Honey (music video)

My only complaint about these discs is the lack of bonus tracks. There's a lot of live material and some unreleased tracks that have yet to see a decent release. But it's hard to complain about something when just the fact that they're re-releasing it is pretty sweet.

And speaking of bonus tracks, here's a little treat for you. A live version of Vegetable Man, recorded at Birmingham NEC.

Jesus & Mary Chain - Vegetable Man (live) REMOVED

It's especially appropriate considering the recent death of Syd Barret, as it's a cover of his song. I was never a huge Pink Floyd fan, but I've always loved Syd's solo material. He was a man of's sad to see him die at such an early age. It's really too bad his was life wasn't more complete.

Purchase the re-releases over at Rhino.


Found the single, it wasn't with the rest of my 45's...somehow it ended up with my LP's...for shame! So, here's the studio version:

Jesus & Mary Chain - Vegetable Man (studio) REMOVED


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