Tuesday, May 02, 2006

the path less travelled

I love it when I stumble upon something...here's the path I took to today's find...

Stefan Tijs
, a great artist, lead me to the Apers site, which in turn sent me to their label, Stardumb Records, where I found this:

Nathaniel mayer - I Found Out

What do I know? Not much...except this tune is something else. From their site:

"Back in the early 60's, when he was only a teenager, Nathaniel Mayer had a couple of top 40 hits for Detroit's Fortune Records (also the home of Mr. Dirty Andre Williams). Last year, after 35 years of silence, Nathaniel Mayer, backed by the Fabulous Shanks (with members of the Detroit Cobras), re-appeared with the great album "I Just Want To Be Held" on Fat Possum Records. On April 28th, at the Nothin' But the Real R&B Festival at the Waterfront in Rotterdam, Stardum releases a 7" EP with 3 tunes taken from that album that are issued for the first time on vinyl in a hand numbered, limited edition of one thousand."

Damn, that's a good song.

UPDATE: Andrew pointed out that this is a cover of a John Lennon song...'s funny, but I didn't even put it together until he mentioned it...'doh!

Here's Fat Possum where you can buy the album for $13...two other songs there, but the links seem to be dead. Here's the link to Stardumb, where the EP will be released shortly.

Oh yeah, and the Apers...check them out if you're into some good ol' fashioned punk rock...

The Apers - She Wants Everybody To Dance
The Apers - Kryptonite

As well as a ton more tracks over at their site.


Blogger Andrew Sherman said...

I Found Out is a John Lennon song, right?

3:42 PM  
Blogger guanoboy said...

Ouch! good point, I didn't even put it together...nice one!

4:02 PM  

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