Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Name your cheap price

Minimal Compact were/are one of those bands that seemed to be everywhere, yet popular acknowledgement always evaded them. They've worked with everyone from Colin Newman (Wire) to John Fryer (Cocteau Twins, Depeche Mode) and Peter Principal (Tuxedomoon) and others. Recently, "several leading DJs (such as James Murphy/LCD Soundsystems, Playgroup, Ivan Smagghe & more) are raving about 'Next One Is Real', 'Statik Dancin' and other Minimal Compact vintage favourites." (quoted from here.)

From the 1983 CD release of "One by One:"
Minimal Compact - Ready Made Diary REMOVED

From the 1986 release "Raging Souls:"
Minimal Compact - My Will REMOVED

So, who are these guys? Sammy Birnbach, Berry Sakharof, Malka Spigel and Rami Fortis were the core of the band. Malka went on to marry Colin Newman and "Berry Sakharof and Rami Fortis have both returned to Tel Aviv where they have enjoyed huge popularity both together and seperately. Malka is a partner with Colin Newman in the swim label based in London. She has released several solo albums as well as partnering Newman in Immersion, on his solo albums and on their recent live collaboration. Samy Birnbach, still resident in Brussels, has worked with Benjamin Lew, with Newman and Spigel in Oracle and as part of The Gruesome Twosome. He also performs as an ambient DJ under the name Morpheus, and is also an associate A&R for SSR/freezone. According to legend, Max Franken (who never left Amsterdam) still plays drums and football!!" (quoted from here)

There's a slew of information about the band, and I know I've left out a lot.

Crammed Discs
Crammed Global Sound Clash
Minimal Compact Biography
Trouser Press Biography/Discography

A lot of their stuff is available as imports through Amazon.

Minimal Compact


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