Monday, April 11, 2005

We all need a personal mascott

If things get any crazier, I just might explode.

If only, eh?

Remember the Naysayer post I did a few bits ago? Well, the Naysayer shares a label with Mascott, another player of beautiful music. Like a bad parent, I'm gonna play favorites here with the Naysayer, but Mascott is riding in at a close second. Her music is like dipping your toes in the creek on a hot day, your pants rolled up, holding hands.

Mascott is, more or less, Kendall Meade. She's serious about her music: Hellium, Spinanes and Sparklehorse all decorate her resume. Combine that with the fact that she runs her own label and you've got an impressive list of accomplishments. Check out her site with the cheerleaders and her label, Red Panda Records. Red Pandas are cute.

From the 2005 release, Dreamer's Book:
Mascott - Song From a Dream (it's not the normal routine, you'll have to click and let it take you to the song)

From the 1998 release, Electric Poems:
Mascott - Baby, Go Away


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