Monday, April 04, 2005

Edwyn Collins: Update

Again, from Grace, Edwyn's wife on the Edwyn Collins bulletin board.

Edwyn's latest news

"Sorry this has been a wee while. I spend all day every day with Edwyn and the rest of life is slipping out of my grasp... Thank God for our wonderful family and friends' support. Edwyn has made wonderful progress since my last message. He moves to his neuro rehabilitation unit on Thursday, (a place with a wonderful reputation) which means that he is now officially medically fit. I should stress that although his recovery so far is amazing, he has a huge task in front of him. You do not survive the events he has without many problems. However, if motivation counts, he has it in spades. He achieves new stuff each day through sheer effort and determination. I want to thank everyone at the Royal Free Hospital who have been involved with his care, especially his genius neurosurgeons, all staff on ITU and the wonderful team on the ward he's been on these last weeks. I have no real to say how I feel about what they have given us. And of course to all you lot for fighting the good fight with us every step of the way. Love to you, Grace."


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