Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I'll do anything

If you don't know n.ln or n. lannon, well, you should. And let me introduce you.

This is n.ln. He's a bit on the warm electronic side, like that little tingle you feel on your lips when you kiss someone you're in love with.

n.Ln - Home Planetarium

This is his big brother, N. Lannon. A bit more mature, maybe, more willing to speak out in the open. His music is a memory, like the ice cream that's melting, dripping off the cone, you having to chase it down before it's lost.

N. Lannon - Turn Time Around
N. Lannon - Demons

Really they're the same person, just different sides of a coin. Nyles is also in Film School, what a busy little beaver.

Be sure to pay him a visit, he's very kind and sharing. Lots of music for you to listen to and be bathed in.


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