Thursday, February 10, 2005


Every once in awhile you stumble upon something...and it surprises you.

I was looking for some sort of review of the venue that The Evens will be playing at in Sacramento on February 16th, just to get an idea of what "Mother India's Restaurant" might be like...with a name like that, well, who knows.

Well, in doing so, found out that it's a regular venue and thats when I stumbled upon Christian Kiefer

And well, I was surprised.

Here are links to two of his songs. There are more available here, as some live tracks here. Check him out, you might be surprised.

Christian Kiefer - Come Up
Christian Kiefer - Stumble

And again, check out his site, there's more tracks and he's a fellow blogger as well.


Blogger tom naka said...

Cool blog you have going here, I will check in often! I have a similar site about french restaurant. It pretty much covers french restaurant related stuff.

5:24 AM  

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