Friday, June 09, 2006

water supply

I didn't realize that Kill Rock Stars had put together this compilation of Delta 5 material...

I'm bleeding cash...somebody help me!

Delta 5 - Now That You've Gone

These guys formed in the late 70's and didn't last long enough...check out this interview as well. Kill Rock Stars has a ton of mp3s for your listening pleasure, and they encourage you to use them in your podcasts.


Blogger jon manyjars said...

You can get the Delta 5 on eMusic (as well as the Kleenex/Liliput compilation, UK post-punk reissues on the LTM label, and a nice comp of Essential Logic that KRS released.)

5:45 AM  
Blogger guanoboy said...

Thanks for the heads up, just joined e-music, will have to add that to the list.


12:16 PM  

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