Monday, April 17, 2006

I can barely stand up...

Trying something new today with my music links, let me know if it bugs the heck out of you guys or not.

Back in 1986 I stumbled across this album who's liner notes sucked me in:

"Hoo Are Hooting Welk?
(and the veggies)
By James Bartholomew Nasty

(A right young Jim-The-Lad and no mistak) Inheriot a doubtful-bass off his olderly Grandfarmer who play gospel on the spoons. Howafter, the kindly old scrunge forbat him to play the "daffodil's musig" (rhysole & blouse) on it. Tone ignosed this (wretched slimmer that he was) and could soon be heard (slappitythud) all over Kentist Towel and parts of Humpstead. One day while prastising his backwart-double-slap-harf-nestle and frighting the pensioners, he met..."

And it goes on to describe each member of the band in the same tone. Needless to say, I bought it. This was my discovery of the very elusive Howlin' Wilf & the Vee-jays. The album, "Cry Wilf!" was their first release, and it would turn out that the ring-leader, James Hunter would end up touring with Van Morrison and becomming, in Van's words, " one of the best voices, and best kept secrets, in British R'n"B and Soul." It took years to find him though, and during the interim the only news I found about the band was when I stumbled upon their fourth album, "six by 6" in 1990, but the band name had changed to Howlin' Wilf and his Band. Somehow I missed album number 2 and 3. Not hard to imagine, though, considering his releases were on tiny labels from England link Hound Dog Records and Big Beat.

He released his new album, "People gonna Talk" last month. Here's a couple of tracks from his first release, direct from vinyl, kiddos!

Howlin' Wilf & The Vee-Jays - Got A Thing For You REMOVED
Howlin' Wilf & The Vee-Jays - Wilf's Wobble REMOVED

Like I said earlier, I'm changing the way I link to songs, let me know what you think.

Here's a recent picture of him.

Here's the Amazon link for his new album, "People Gonna Talk." Here's his Myspace site as well as his official site.


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