Monday, May 23, 2005

Like a Billion Burning Suns

Got an email from Cosmos Corbin of Raging Family. Seems they've posted an entire album over at their site. At first glance, it's nice stuff. Here's a song:

Raging Family - The Next Stop is Extended

Run on over and grab it while you can.

In poking around, turns out they've got loads of tracks for your listening please. These kids know how to share.

Raging Family - WU VS MMW

Which can be found as part of the If I Remix You Tonight release.

And then there's this track:

Raging Family - Ink A Dink A Doo

Which is part of Longhorn Pete's Adventures in Hollywood release.

There's more...just dig around. Like I said, these kids know how to share.


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