Monday, February 14, 2005

She gave me the look and then the evil eye!

I have a pretty big soft spot for ska and mod ... the problem is, a lot of it is bad...I mean, really bad. But when it's good, it's oh so good. From the first wave and the original rocksteady origins and on to the U.K. ska scene and then forward to the mid 80's revival and that's where The Untouchables step in. They were one of the best in the Southern California area, their album, "Wild Child" is a classic mix of soul and ska and they played it tight.

Without them, there would probably not be Fishbone or, for better and for worse, No Doubt.

I saw them back in 1988 or so and it was an incredible show, even if it was after their heyday. The great thing about a band like this was that they crossed boundaries - both racially and musically ...and in doing so the crowd was had mohawks and suits dancing together...we had a big pit going that was one of the best I've ever experienced...people moving and dancing together.

"Wild Child" was their peak, musically, after that, it sorta fell flat. But check out these two tunes from the album and go ahead, resist the urge to skank.

The Untouchables - I Spy (For the FBI) - REMOVED
The Untouchables - Soul Together - REMOVED

and then run, don't walk and buy this album!


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