Thursday, February 24, 2005

Nothing Ever Falls Apart

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, it's the is keeping me very busy.

Here's another of those lost bands of the 80's...Zerra 1. Hailing from Ireland, the quartet definitely had a bit of younger sibling complex going on...there are moments when the U2 comparisons are almost too easy to make. But I've gone and done it anyway. Apparently, they opened up for the band, as well as The Cure. There's a lot of drama here, soaring music and vocals. Their guitar based sound makes them a little more timeless than the last couple of 80's bands I've covered.

Trouser Press gives them a bit of a scathing bio/review. In contrast, All Music Guide has a different take on the band:

The Irish quartet Zerra 1 had enough soaring harmonies and ringing guitars to follow in the footsteps of compatriots U2. And while commercial success never happened, Zerra 1 possessed too much talent to be written off as failed U2 impersonators.

On this album, the band is listed as Paul Bell, Grimmo, Michael Mesbur and Adrian Wyatt. Apparently, they had a bit of a revolving roster, although Paul Bell (vocals) remained a constant. Of special note on this album is the producer credit, Todd Rundgren and the photo credit, given to Robert Mapplethorpe. The album was released in 1984.

Zerra 1 -Mountains and Water REMOVED
Zerra 1- Young Love REMOVED

Again, the used market seems to be the only place to find any of Zerra 1's releases.


Blogger howard said...

that first album was an early music discovery of mine - although I haven't heard it in years - you've made me want to sift through my tapes to listen to diaries.

I downloaded the second album a few months ago - it was pants.

1:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My ten peneth' :The first 12" single they did was excellent ("The West's awake"), fabulous B side also (better than the A?). I saw them loads of times in London when they started out, expected them to get big, but they never did. Albums and later releases were good, but also a dissapointment.

12:05 PM  
Anonymous Anna said...

I saw them too, back in moonlight club, lost friends
pass them on to

3:35 PM  

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