Thursday, September 07, 2006

Bad doggie!

So I've been lax, lately, and readership falls...

But something hit my inbox today that made me want to post:

Kama Aina - Hotaru

What do I know? Not's the feed, though:

Club Kama Aina is the fifth album from the talented japanese soloartist Kama Aina and it is a true pleasure to announce that it will be released November 6th in all of Europe on the Efterklang driven label Rumraket (other artists include Erik Levander, Grizzly Bear and Cacoy). The new album is mainly recorded in Tokyo and Glasgow and it features guest appearances by such lovely Scottish luminaries as Bill Wells, Isobel Campbell and The Pastels.

Takuji Aoyagi is the man behind Kama Aina, he lives in Tokyo where he, together with Maher Shalal Hash Baz and Tenniscoats, is one of the main figures in the gleaming Japanese scene of innocent, DIY and heartbreaking folk-pop. Kama Aina┬┤s contribution to the scene is an organic and harmonic, but yet peculiar and indefinable form of music.

Check out his label over here.

See? All PR isn't bad!


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