Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Do you want whipped cream on that mocha?

Everything's being re-worked, re-done, re-vitalized and re-envisioned these days...the media just sucks it in and spits it back out...usually with little reverence or care for the original. If it's based on something good or different, it must, in turn, be good or different as well, right?


But sometimes it works...reluctantly I'll admit it.

In the case of "Whipped Cream & Other Delights, Re-Whipped," they nailed it pretty well. Part of their success lies in their apparent reverence of the original. They brought in Herb Alpert to relay and create some new horn sections for the album, and it shows. The original feel and soul is still there. It's just dialed up. One track doesn't work as well for me, specifically "Love Potion No. 9." The vocals on the track just don't do it justice, taking away from the original Alpert version and, I feel, the original intention of their cover.

Here's the track info:

The Remixers:
John King of The Dust Brothers (A)
DJ Foosh (B)
Mocean Worker (C)
Thievery Corporation (D)
Anthony Marinelli, featuring Ozomatli (E)
Medeski Martin & Wood (F)
Camara Kambon (G)
Anthony Marinelli (H)

1. Whipped Cream (E)
2. A Taste Of Honey (A)
3. Green Peppers (H)
4. Ladyfingers (G)
5. Love Potion #9 (E)
6. Peanuts (H)
7. Tangerine (B)
8. El Garbanzo (F)
9. Lemon Tree (D)
10. Lollipops And Roses (H)
11. Bittersweet Samba (C)
12. Butterball (H)

Overall it's got a down-tempo feel too, a great late-night album with the wide underlying feel of Herb Alpert's original 60's sound as the foundation. Again, that's where the strength lies: The foundation is not only strong, but allowed to be heard through the work of the remixers...allowed to really shine.

Here's an Amazon link to the original album and the new remixed version as well as the "official" Sony link and "official" release page.

Silence is a Rhythm Too has another review and some downloads for your listening pleasure!


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