Friday, March 11, 2005

I confess I'm the one with the broken heart

I can't remember a time in my life when I wasn't aware of Lenny Welch. This was the soundtrack to my parents courtship. It was "their" album. It was, to my young mind, the thing that made the magic happen, it was the reason my parents loved each other so much. Maybe if I listened to it something magical would happen to me.

I'm older and a little wiser now and, fortunately, my parents are still in love. Of course, this wasn't the reason for their love, but with songs like this, how could it not have at least influenced it?

Lenny Welch isn't the best of the crooners, and a series of events, including being drafted and his record label folding, ensured that Lenny Welch would have a difficult time making it big. He did have a few decent size hits before being drafted, including "Since I Fell For You," which went to #4 in 1963 and "Ebb Tide," which went to #25 in 1964, even though it was a re-release of a recording he had made almost two years earlier.

Lenny may not be the best, but he's certainly really good. And these two songs demonstrate his range and the smoothness of his voice. And how can you go wrong with opening like the one in "A Taste of Honey?"

Lenny Welch - A Taste of Honey

Lenny Welch - Father Sebastian

The album this came from, "Anthology", is out print and only available used. But you can purchase "Since I fell for You" over at Amazon new.


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