Thursday, March 03, 2005

It's hightime you told me that you love me!

One thing all you regulars are probably starting to realize is that I don't have a "sound," grapeJuiceplus doesn't really fit into a catagory. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not, but it's a reflection of my musical taste. My collection is wide and vast, there's almost no musical genre that isn't represented. To me, music is something to be explored, a landscape upon which you can't make a wrong turn. In fact, if you stay on the same road, to me, the landscape starts to get repetitive. That's why I tend to drive all over the place, ignoring the charted routes and making my own. I love being able to listen to anything and finding similarities in music that people may not normally see. To me, it's all about a good song, a feeling, a sound or a voice. The limits don't exist. I don't know why I'm attempting to explain this, maybe you don't really care. I think it comes from visiting a lot of blogs and finding a bit of comfort in the steadfast holding to a genre the majority of them follow. But, I find, that the ones that surprise me are the ones that I'm just a bit more excited to visit, because you never know what you'll find.

Restless are one of the neo-rockabilly bands that get it right on so many levels. Their roots are strong, and their guitar can be oh so fat. Mark Harman's voice is right on, sliding right in and filling in the cracks. Restless formed way back in 1980, with their first single following in 1981. They called it quits back in 1988, but reformed in again 2002, I believe, with the original line-up. There's a great bio over at Rockabilly Hall, worth checking out if you have the time. They've released quite a few discs over the years, I think the count has broken 10. You can find more info about their releases and buy them over at Nervous, as well as Amazon.

Restless - HighTime REMOVED
Restless - Something I Said REMOVED


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