Wednesday, February 16, 2005

No time to tie your shoelace...

All this talk of ska lit a little fire under me and well, here I am at 12:00 o'clock at night posting this. I've been meaning to bring a little ska up more often, there's so much of it out there that is unknown and good and well, here we go.

Stranger Cole
is one of the originals...what makes him stand out is his consistant working with others, especially Patsy Todd and Ken Boothe, a result of his shyness, so I've read. He started recording in 1962 and is still active in the music community, having moved to Canada in the 70's, I believe, and apparently changing his name to Stranjah Cole.

Cole's got a wonderfully soulful voice and you can hear the influence of American music in some of his recordings, like "Hey, Hey Baby." Here are three early tracks of his. You can find all of these tracks on the Trojan Collection, "Bangarang: The Best of Stranger Cole 1962-1972," which I highly recommend.

Stranger Cole - Rough and Tough - REMOVED
Stranger Cole and Patsy Todd - Hey, Hey Baby - REMOVED
Stranger Cole - Run Joe - REMOVED


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