Thursday, October 21, 2004

It's worse than that...they're dead....

I'm gonna jump ahead here, into the present with this post. First off, if you're a fan of the Specials or the Clash, you should check out The Dead 60's. Granted, they've only got two singles under their belt, their full length isn't out yet, but the first single knocked my socks off. I'm not as hot on their second song, although it is good, so we'll see where the album goes. Apparently, you can get their songs off itunes in europe, but not in the states.

The Dead 60's - You're Not The Law - REMOVED

And next up, is the Dead Hensons. I'm a huge Jim Henson/Muppets fan, I think Jim Henson was a pretty amazing guy. The Dead Hensons are a cover band, but they only cover tunes from Henson's creations (Sesame Street, Mupett Show, etc.). They're a lot of fun, there are more songs on their site.

Dead Hensons - Can You Picture That
The Dead Hensons - Pinball


Blogger erik said...

I had a similar idea for band growing up. It was call the Socialist Kindergardeners. The concept was to play songs, ads, jingles that were pumped in our heads from the TV over and over again.

My favorite concept cover was "oops I'v made a mistake" pbsa jingle (or was is romper room?). It ranks up there with the banna split theme as to what they were thinking about when they made this.

But alas have no musical tallet and litte social contacts makes forming a band very difficult.

9:31 PM  

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