Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Is it cold in here?

Oh yeah...some good stuff here...check 'em out:

Bromheads Jacket - Woolley Bridge
Bromheads Jacket - Leslie Parlafitt

And head over to their site, kiddies...

:.:. BroMhEAd'S JAcKEt .:.:

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Snap! This!

Via Boing Boing, some amazing punk/new romantic/mod photos taken by Andy Rosen from back in the day...Nice...

Andy Rosen's Uground

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


According to PIXELSURGEON, this is the awesomest...

and it just might be...

more info at cockrockdisco...

and lots of musical downloads including but not limited to:

Vorpal - track1

Sperry and Foil

and oh so...

donna summer - dragonattack

More or Less, at least

+/- have a new music video up for Megalomaniac, it's an in-studio performance piece, and it's nice to see these guys play. Been waiting forever for them to head out to California...

+/- - Megalomaniac

It's not a direct link, but you'll find other goodies there, including some songs that I've linked before:

+/- - Surprise

I'm a huge fan of these guys...

and now they're on itunes...

Thursday, December 08, 2005


Ah...the power of the word...

A friend just turned me on to these guys...based in San Francisco, From Momument to Masses challenge you to listen (from their site):

"From Monument to Masses is complex and hypnotic post-punk engineered to act as a revolutionary cultural force in service of the People. The band, the sampled sounds, and the music itself call for international Peoples' histories to be revisited and for any provoked indignation to be acted upon.

Highly influenced by the likes of Fugazi to Tortoise, Afrika Bambata to DJ Shadow, Don Caballero to Godspeed You Black Emperor, FMTM challenges the audience with epic compositions that abandon conventional song structure. Listen, question, act, repeat. "

What's that you say? Don't worry...they rock...

From Momument To Masses - To Z (Repeat)

From From Munment To Masses - Comrades & Friends

From Monument To Masses - Clinical (Live)

Oh, they've got a myspace page as well (What you don't have one? What's wrong with you?)

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Ditty Bops!

Great new video from a great band:

The Ditty Bops - Wishful Thinking

Here's their site...The Ditty Bops

And this sweet calender they have for sale...yowza!

Monday, December 05, 2005

Pending Law Suit

I know, I heard of these guys over on You Ain't No Picasso, but i got lucky...John got in touch with me a few days ago and then, today, sent me this exclusive demo:

The Attorneys - Off We Go (take 4) REMOVED

Power pop meets punk? Somewhere along there the Attorneys were born. Enjoy.

Here's their MyPlace home

The Attorneys - The Way I Want To Live (Remix)

The Attorneys - Talk About It

The Attorneys - Stay

They've got a second home over at Sonic Bid.

Friday, December 02, 2005


Yodelling along...

Johnny Dilks has updated his site, adding some new tracks at a higher quality. If you like the country swing and the yodelling, check him out, he really rocks.

Johnny Dilks - Yodel 'tilll I Turn Blue

Johnny Dilks - This Must Be The Bottom (live on Broadway)

A lot more available on his site, and he's working on a new album, "Full Time Loser." Yeehah!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

I can't understand a thing you said

So, part of me just doesn't want to like this song...but it's so damn catchy and infectious, how can you not?

Andrew Thompson - There Must Be Some Kind of Misunderstanding (music video)

Who is this guy?

Where does he come from?

"Armed with a DMX drum machine, a kazoo, a Wurlitzer, some junky synthesizers, tubas, trombones, a robot, and a broke-ass piano, Mr. Thompson sings tales of the absurd and the everyday. Oh yeah - and the boy can sing.

The Brooklyn resident has a background in Jazz vocals and corporate entertainment. In fact he won the Jazz Vocal M.V.P. award at Boston's prestigious Berklee School of Music and went on to sing in high-class restaurants, stuffy hotels and big name corporate functions. " - Lewis Recordings

Andrew Thompson - Cock-A-Doodle-Doo

My God? What is going on in his head? Why do I like this? I CAN'T EXPLAIN!!!!

Andrew Thompson - Don't Get Down
Andrew Thompson - The Coast Is Clear

Is it the combination of Elvis Costello beaten up by Squeeze that's winning me over? I don't know.

Love him! Now! I command you! Here's the direct link to his SUPER-INFORMATION HIGHWAY!

And you can get it all at itunes, no less! And Insound!

Andrew Thompson
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